Rates $150 / 50 minute session for individuals, $170 / 50 minute session for couples / families – pro-rated

prices shown include 5% GST

Individual 50 minute session: $157.50

Individual 80 minute session: $252.00 (EMDR and Intake)

Couple or Families 80 minute session: $285.60

Couple or Families 110 minute session: $392.70

Receipts are given for every session payment and may be submitted for reimbursement.  I am fully insured and covered by a number of extended benefits plans.  Through your Long Term Disability claim, I can directly bill to Desjardins, Great West Life, Iron Workers Association, Human Works and others.  BCEHS is directly billed.

If you need your extended benefits to reimburse your fees, please contact them to ensure a RCC is covered.  MSP in BC does not cover counselling.

Payment: e-transfer only.  Please use the Question: “For?“, Answer: “Therapy“.  A credit card is required to book in but I ask that you not use it for payment if possible.  No credit card is necessary for direct billing.